Saturday, January 21, 2012

Processing with Gratitude

Ever notice the first week coming back from a trip is a real winner, sarcastically speaking?  I just love transitions--not.  Okay, so I am not complaining, but...yeah.  I am complaining, a little, post-work week, and since I am now well rested and have more time, I thought I would write about everything going on, which, come to think of it, means I am actually processing, not complaining, and I can take this time to process because I got a great night's sleep and now have time to catch up on work and de-stressing, for which I am grateful.  So yay, and thank you, life.

Hmmmm.  Funny.  I feel I am processed enough just after writing that.  Gratitude changes everything.

Time to get on with the day. 

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