Monday, January 30, 2012

Gratitude from A-Z

Thought this would be a fun exercise.  Ready?

I am grateful for

A-Agape, the biggest challenge.
B-Beauty, found in the hidden nooks and crannies of life.
C-Color, without which the world would be a boring place.
D-Dog doo doo.  Because so many expressions have been formed around it.
E-Easter Eggs, which are so colorful and, well, egg-shaped.
F-Food, which sustains us and tastes so damn good.
G-Goodness, which abides within each of us.
H-Heaven, which is all around us.
I-Ice, a gorgeous coolant.
J-Joy, which needs no excuse to exist.
K-Kites, such gifts that are so difficult to fly.
L-Laughter, the great healer.
M-Mother, the nurturer.
N-Notes, the kind you write and the kind you listen to.
O-Octaves, the variations of glorious sound.
P-Paint, the stuff that makes things worth looking at twice.
Q-Quacks, those lovely noises ducks make,
R-Rain, especially the sound of it on the rooftop.
S-Seeing, the obvious, the not-so-obvious and the invisible.
T-Throwing, because sometimes it feels so good to chuck something.
U-Underwear, because it's more comfortable than the alternative.
V-Vision, which is not the same thing as seeing.
W-Wellness, a concept of hope and longevity.
X-X-rays, because without them, we'd be back in the medical dark ages.
Y-Yellow, the cheeriest of colors.
Z-Zebras, because they have awesome stripes.
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