Sunday, August 07, 2011

Read, write and submit

The speakeasy is happy to announce on this Sunday morning the publication of two new Books on Blog™ and is also glad to extend a call for submissions for a new poetry site established by one of patrons of the joint. 

Love Poems for Michael, by Joan McNerney of New York, and Postcards from Iraq, by Sandy Benitez of California, have now been posted by the tavern. 

Love Poems for Michael is “a celebration of individual and universal love,” says Sharon A. Ruetenik, Poet and Coordinator of Writing Center, State University of New York at Delhi.  “McNerney's carefully wrought poems move the reader from sand dunes to city apartments to forest cathedrals. McNerney's lyricism always delights and surprises as her lover and the natural world unite, "imitate long leaves weaving, undulating/and finally surrendering to silence.”
Love Poems for Michael is located at:

The fifteen poems of Postcards from Iraq were composed from July of 2007 to January of 2008 while Sandy Benitez was deployed by the United States Air Force to the American Embassy in  Baghdad.  Speaking from the poetic persona of the blue nude in the Green Zone, Benitez captures the bleak hues of a city in dust and siege as only one who has been there can:  the ivory of the Arabian moon on the Tigris River, the viridian feathers of the caged birds in the marketplace, and the dirty sand in the color of death.  Somehow through the heat and waste, Benitez keeps the heart alive.
Postcards from Iraq is located at:

These and prior volumes in the series can also be viewed at the newest province of the Camelphate, the Books on Blog™ home site at, where submission guidelines and other information can be found.

Call for Submissions for Project Agent OrangeThe Saloon's good friend, Michael H. Brownstein, spent part of the spring in Viet Nam.  While there, he saw at first hand the ravages that the poison Agent Orange still inflicts on that nation.  In response, Michael has established an  Agent Orange awareness site at:  Michael is seeking submissions for an Agent Orange poetry blog located at:   Guidelines are simple: Monsanto and Dow Chemical have to be in the poem someplace--title is fine--and it has to be submitted to:  Initial date of publication is August 10, the Camel says to act now.
Please enjoy the Books on Blog, send something off to Michael, and stop by the Saloon on the way home.  The door is always open.

Russell Streur

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