Sunday, June 05, 2011

Draft 2

Earth Burning

What I fear is the Earth is burning,
not from ozone or sin, or drought or flame
or storm, or lightening draining rain

from its artery until there is no more. 
No, I do not fear Mount Vesuvius,
or Hades again unleashed, or Poseidon 

hurling a furious fork or Satan laughing
like lava.  I fear the Earth is burning. 
The heat of the world screams “go to the water,

go where love will lead you,”
and our hearts are already there,
but still, the Earth is burning.

We bring our bodies with us, carry our minds
in baskets, wrap our souls in linty blankets,
drop everything onto the shore.

We let guffaws of cannon think for us,
the giggle of guns shake our bellies, the cruel
logic of necessary safety build our assumptions high.

We ask the clouds for favors, the sky to be our ally,
the wind to blow in the right direction,
build dunes where we need them to lie. 

What we want is ourselves to be covered,
be buried like children in sand, up to our ears
in deafness, squinting into the sun, as still,

the Earth is burning.  That is what I fear.   

Katherine Gotthardt
Draft 2
June 5, 2011
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