Monday, August 11, 2008

Trite Thoughts

Do you think God knew when "he" created clouds we would get so much pleasure from them?

Since the birth of humanity, we have looked at sunsets and sunrises, rainbows and snowflakes through the wonders of clouds.

We have rested on hills with our eyes cast upwards, perhaps a child at our side, asking what each cloud looks like. What does that shape remind us of?

The clouds give us water we need; they rush by in storms like they have important places to go and we watch them.

Are clouds made up of souls? Is that why we picture Heaven as a place of clouds?

When I see a ray of sun reflecting through the clouds, I always say, "Hey. It's God." I've seen too many tacky paintings like that, but the image has always stuck.

On a day like today, when the clouds are larger and softer than our hearts could ever be, it's a good day to look at the clouds.

I'm very glad I did.
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