Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Family (Insert Godfather Music Here)

The family has been in town and will be until Monday or Tuesday. We've kept everyone busy every day thus far, so much so that we need to take it slow today. Driving into D.C. was an experience yesterday, as always, complete with getting lost and mother flipping out (though she wasn't driving....she's just a ball of anxiety). When I say flipping out, you have to know my mother. She is actually rather funny at first. We try to discourage this kind of thing since it is bad for her health and makes driving even more of a challenge. Hey, I don't know why she gets so nervous when I drive through a red light. It's D.C. Everyone is a lost, bad driver.

I'm Catholic this week. I went to Mass twice, the second time at the National Shrine. THAT was cool! The priest was very accessible for so much National-ist atmosphere. My kids even sat through it without exploding. Imagine that.

Went to a free concert at the Harris Pavilion in Manassas yesterday also. Great music and TABLES! Wow. We were surprised and spoiled, expecting to have to sit on the ground. The kids climbed the antique trains and did pseudo-gymnastics on the lawn. But mostly, they climbed on my little brother who is by far the biggest of all of us at 6" 3'. He's got this hippie look going now. It suits him.

Can't go into the laugh-riot of trying to drive us all to the Lincoln Memorial where there's no parking whatsoever. Mom isn't walking so well now, so we were trying to get her as close as possible. Ironically, older brother who has been obsessing about Lincoln since last year's visit still didn't get to see it. It's a long story, but suffice to say he got lost doing the drive-around-and wait thing, ended up in a garage in 6th street then couldn't get out because he had no cash. Hmmmmm.....Mom had to bail him out. You can imagine how that all went over. Thank God the Shrine was AFTER that. She Zenned. What a relief.

Pics coming later when I have time to get them off the camera. Sis-in-law and I are having a scrap-off this morning, her idea. We are taking the same pics and same materials, sitting at opposite ends of the table to see how different our pages come out. FUN! Want to get off this computer and get started.

Okay, bad writing this morning, but Oh WELL!

Cheers to all and to families! Wish they all lived closer.

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