Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Todays' Testimony to the BOCS

This morning, I emailed you a copy of an article from the July edition of Washingtonian Magazine. On the bottom right-hand corner, the PWC BOCS was listed as a “villain” because of its immigration resolution.

Out in Utah, the United Way has published an article on us as an example of what NOT to do.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center, no matter what you might think of them, has declared the authors of our policy a hate group.

In 2007, thousands of residents gathered in and in front of your chambers to protest passage of the immigration resolution. They were ignored. But you listened to lobbyists and residents from outside the county emailing to inflict their agendas on us.

Currently, the provisions of the resolution offer the county police the same rights and responsibilities they had pre-resolution. What a waste of time and money to get what we already had through 287g.

I am still concerned that the other provisions remain on the books: denial of certain services to the elderly, sick and disabled. I have been told that the eight services denied illegal immigrants have not saved the county any significant money. I have heard there are quote, “only a few” elderly people being denied meals on wheels. I have heard that there are quote, “only a few” addicts not being treated. And there are only quote, “a few” people being denied assistance with home repairs.

These people do not deserve to be singled out and denied necessary services. When we neglect our elderly and sick, we put our own county in jeopardy. Not only do we propagate addiction, we continue to neglect neighborhoods already being complained about. And we appear, as the Washingtonian says, villains.

I am asking you to remove these useless, mean spirited policies from the books. This is not the right way to stop illegal immigration. We don’t need to resort to actions like these to have better communities.

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