Sunday, July 27, 2008

REGRETS, by Susan Macknin

Susan was an online student of mine who has contributed poetry to the Luxurious Choices website. She was a pleasure to work with, and I am pleased she has kept in touch! Kudos to Susan for continuously working on her poetry!


By Susan Macknin
Boca Raton, Florida

I loved him once, he was my friend
I thought I’d love him til the end
But I messed up and let him go
And now I need to let him know
That I was scared and so naïve
I didn’t deserve him, I believed
And I couldn’t bear for him to split
So I left first and took the hit

It’s been so long I’d like to right
The wrong that I did cause that night
With no excuse or words to share
Without the healing and the care
There were no hugs or walks that eve
Just say good bye and turn and leave
I wasn’t good at protocol
But sure as hell I dropped the ball

I should have told him I didn’t know
Just how to act with him as beau
The nerves were frazzled, wound up tight
I really wanted him to fight
And tell me that he’d wait for me
Until I felt more comfortably
And I didn’t think that he may too
Be frightened or naïve and new

To be a friend and so much more
To feel the love deep in the core
I didn’t fight for what I felt
And now I see how I’ve been dealt
The path of karma coming my way
The feelings that I held at bay
Because of fears of unknown cause
Because of universal natural laws

I cannot manifest the right ones now
I’d like to find the secret how
But first I must face all my faults
To those on whom I brought assaults
Whose hearts were broken, feelings hurt
To all who felt me sharp or curt
Please let me walk this journey free
And humbled that I now can see

I perpetrated my own victimhood
And now I’ll do all that I could
To heal my past and send rose light
To those who caught the crossfire plight
The friends who now choose not to be
A friend and coexist with me
And all because I chose the fear
But that’s no longer here nor there

I’ve learned the lessons I’ve been taught
I’ve been to battles and I’ve fought
I’ve come to realize where I’ve wronged
And now I know where I belong
I’m now on purpose on my path
I’m now aware of my own wrath
So hear me out as I declare
With palms together and with care

I’m truly sorry you got hurt
I’m sad I was ever rude or curt
I hope you can accept my plea
And then we both can do or be
Whatever course our souls have planned
But with extended heart and hand
We’ve chosen to make right the pain
And let go all the buried disdain

And if by chance we meet again
May we accept we’ve grown some then
And smile and feel the warmth aglow
Through all life’s chapters, high and low
And this time we can know we’re blessed
We’ve moved beyond the wrongs confessed
For life’s too short to not renew
And purpose is for seeing it through

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