Friday, July 25, 2008

Regarding Gilberto and Cintia Guel

Yesterday, I wrote to Wally Covington, my BOCS local government rep, to ask why Gilberto and Cintia Guel's Nokesville property could not be purchased by the county as recreation land.

While it is true that property owners have the responsibility to assess their land's ability to support housing, it seems that the advice or lack thereof they were given by their realtor and others warrants some consideration. Unless the couple can sell the land, they will be left in poor financial straights.

Chairman Stewart says he was surprised the couple did not receive full or accurate disclosure from their realtor at the time of the purchase. As someone who did not receive full disclosure from our realtor, this does not surprise me at all. Realtors often do not know as much about property as they should, and some just outright omit information in order to close the sale.

But the real issue here is that the county has planned to buy more park property anyway, especially given the over-development in certain districts like ours. Nokesville still has lovely, more open sections that should be maintained as such. I am sure the local residents would appreciate preserved land as opposed to more construction. And let's face it--we already have enough empty homes without having to build more.

While parks do not generate revenue, they contribute to the viability of the county which can generate increased tax revenue and jobs.

I am asking the BOCS through the Parks to purchase this land and preserve it as a passive recreational area, not to take responsibility for private decisions, but to better our county. This is an opportunity to help out a needy family as well as gain protected land. It would be the kind of win-win our BOCS should be seeking.

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