Sunday, July 27, 2008

PATIENCE, by Susan Macknin

Susan was an online student of mine who has contributed poetry to the Luxurious Choices website. She was a pleasure to work with, and I am pleased she has kept in touch! Kudos to Susan for continuously working on her poetry!

By Susan Macknin
Boca Raton, Florida

Patience comes but way too slow
I need to make it faster
I try to hold out and be brave
But it’s a skill I’ve yet to master

I like to see results real quick
And appreciate the now
But it’s difficult to wait it out
I never learned quite how

For when I do have time to wait
I think of all the worst
And can’t quite seem to focus on
The positive outcomes first

So the negatives and the fears take hold
And rule my every thought
Til my energy drains and wears me out
And the battles within are fought

I have reason now to change my tale
It doesn’t serve my needs
And I wish to move beyond this place
And harvest my planted seeds

So from this day on I have a plan
To slow down my resolve
To savor and appreciate
How my process has evolved

Yes now I know the journey
Is the vision of the soul
And it’s more important to go within
And tackle the very goal

Not to focus on external things
Only concentrate within
For the higher self knows what it wants
Yes, much to my chagrin

My story now is a simple truth
I didn’t know before
Appreciate everything nature births
And patience will naturally occur
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