Thursday, July 17, 2008

Open Letter to Wally Covington

Background: In this week's issue of Pulse, a local, free paper put out by the Potomac News/Manassas Journal Messenger company (Media General), Mr. Covington criticized Manassas Battlefield Park for its recent massive tree removal. While the removal is supposed to provide more accurate historical perspective, it still represents deforestation in the area. Mr. Covington has proposed a county wide tree-count. This is a positive turn of events for those of us concerned with history and conservation.

Thanks to Citizen Tom, another version of the story can be read here.

Dear Mr. Covington:

I was delighted to read in Pulse that you are requesting a tree count in PWC, presumably to begin more conservation efforts. Bravo! With development and sprawl, we have had far too much environmental destruction. While development will continue, there are ways, as you know, to do it wisely and moderately.

Thank you for your comments in Pulse.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
Brentsville District
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