Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Revised Immigration Plan

These programs would need to begin at once and ALL at once.

1. Increased border guards, better technology (cameras etc.)
2. Anyone who has been here for at least two years, has been working, and has no criminal record should be able to earn citizenship. In two years, most people can establish some record of having worked even if through private, contract jobs.
3. People who are behind on taxes can make up taxes through automatic payments just like anyone else. Moderate additional fees can also be applied this way. Consulates should be able to help expedite this process which would defray our cost.
4. People who have been here less than two years need to go home and re-apply or petition extenuating circumstances through their consulates. If they cannot get home, they need to work with their consulates.
5. Congress needs to greatly increase the workers allowed to come to the U.S. for employment purposes. Domestic employment agencies should be able to sponsor such programs, eliminating the need for day-laborer sites.
6. People who want to be citizens need to learn English and civics. However, they need not deny their heritage.
7. The military offers earned path to citizenship through service. However, people need to speak English in order to enlist. The military has enough money in recruiting to teach potential recruits and help expedite the citizenship process.
8. There must be some program in place to expedite family reunification. Breaking up families is bad for people, society, and the economy. Again, consulates can help mediate here.
9. Criminals can be processed and deported through the 287g program.
10. New citizens will begin to accrue Social Security and other benefits starting on the day they are declared a citizen. If a new citizen has been working for a company, that company will owe back-Social Security from the third year until the date citizenship is established. New citizens who fall into this category will be legally protected against retaliation (like being fired so the company can avoid paying Social Security retroactively).
11. Companies who have hired illegal immigrants would have to pay a fee per employee to make up for admin. costs of processing new citizens and workers. Companies that retaliate by firing these employees are held accountable by law.


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