Thursday, July 03, 2008

Letters from a Fat Broad

Dear World:

Apparently, I've made it into the illustrious category of "fat broad" noted in some local hate blogs. I'm honored. I sit amongst some of the greatest county thinkers who have earned a similar name, and I can think of no better company than those fair minded ladies.

Of course, those who chose the title have pretty adolescent mentalities if they need to use such terms, but so be it. There will always be people wasting the air in cyber space and on the planet. This is just one more argument for planting more trees.

But the real reason I'm posting is that I've had several conversations with several people who are considering having the lap band. I am trying to have this done as well, and if my insurance company will ever be appeased by my paperwork, I am hoping it will be sooner as opposed to later. Waiting just makes the situation worse because I have plenty of health reasons for needing medical assistance with my weight, the most immediate of those being daily pain. And daily pain tends to make me more of a pain.

I've gone through several of the steps already including a sleep study (I have mild sleep apnea), an endoscopy (I have a small hiatal hernia), visits to the knee doc (my knees are disintegrating and I have arthritis), and general doctors' visits that reaffirm what I already know and that is that I have to lose weight. My hips hurt, my feet hurt, and I've gone through physical therapy. I have tried everything for years without success and not from lack of will. WHAT MORE DO THESE PEOPLE WANT??

The worst part of this is I lost more than 70 pounds about four years ago, and after traumatic incidents, gained it all back plus some. I've not been able to lose weight since then. And because I tend to be active, this now debilitating condition has limited my mobility in addition to the happy effects of the trauma that include permanent damage to my inner ears causing constant ringing, deterioration of my equilibrium, dizziness, and balance problems. So I suppose the "fat broad" labelers, if they see me trip or fall, will post that I am drunk, to which I will respond, "But I don't drink."

In any event, if I can ever get my insurance company to "take a pill" and get my paperwork processed, I will be able to regain some of my former pep and re-lose this terrible weight. I've always loved to hike, and when I was losing weight a few years ago, did so almost every day. The injuries, however, and the weight, now prevent that. They also don't help me with my housework which is enough of a challenge on its own!

So if there is anyone out there who has had this surgery, I welcome comments and support while I endure this petty paperwork problem. I'm looking forward to getting my body back and wearing the bags and bags of clothes I have not yet thrown away because I have to hope and believe I will be able to fit into them again.


Fat Broad
"I'm fat, but you're ugly. I can LOSE weight."
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