Monday, June 09, 2008

Something to be Proud of in PWC!

"County Executive Craig Gerhart awarded County employees for their exceptional contributions to the County government and excellent service to Prince William County residents. The following individuals and teams received awards this year:

"Matt Groff, management & fiscal analyst III, took the initiative to organize the Local Government Customer Group to investigate electricity rates for local governments. Through his efforts, the group was able to approach electric companies as a unified entity to negotiate fair and equitable rates and impartial service terms, saving the group more than $8 million.

"Denise McPhail, Human Rights intake officer, realized that one of her clients had a mental disability and was not able to represent himself well in the investigative process. McPhail took it upon herself to work with Community Services to better understand the clients' disabilities and how she could more effectively work with him throughout the process. She took it a step further and requested training from Community Services for the entire Human Rights staff on dealing with mental health clients.

"Sharon Hoover, therapist IV for Community Services, provides service to the most vulnerable citizens in our community. One client, who lost her home and most of her possessions to foreclosure, had a deteriorating mental condition. She was in dire need of medical, social, psychiatric and financial support. Hoover worked tirelessly to find resources the woman needed both short and long-term. Hoover managed to secure scarce regional funds to help support her living expenses. Today, this client is psychiatrically stable and has returned to her old self.

"The Police Department's Burglary Investigation Team, consisting of Master Det. Peter Barlow, Master Det. Patrick Quinn, Master Det. Stephen Piakowski, Master Det. Steven Varvaro, Senior Det. Wayne Graves, Det. Lee Somerford, Det. Ashley Gwinn, Det. Richard Brown, Det. Cameron Crouch, Melanie Kent-Knapczyk and Heidi Paiva, is responsible for achieving an exceptional clearance rate for burglaries over the past year.

"The Home Ownership and Foreclosure Prevention Clinic Team of Joe Botta, Deborah Burroughs, Teresa Giesting, Elijah Johnson, Margie Leon, Megan Shoup, Kathleen Tyrell, and Shelia Venning worked in coordination with Housing and Urban Development to host a Home Ownership and Foreclosure Prevention Clinic. The results of their efforts were that 232 individuals attended the morning session and 402 attended the afternoon session. In addition, 37 loan modifications were processed, 15 payment plans were developed, six first-time home buyers were approved and 14 refinances were completed.

"Marsh Overlook Line of Duty Death Investigation Team of Battalion Chief Jennie Collins, Battalion Chief Jerry Shepherd, Capt. Ron Clemons, Capt. Brian Cooke, Lt. Ray Perez, Administrative Support Assistant II Darlene Hodge, Division Chief Richie Bowers from Montgomery County and Battalion Chief Danny Gray from Fairfax County worked for more than eight months to put together a report on lessons learned from this fire event. The knowledge gained by this team's investigation will ultimately help firefighters around the country.

"The DRIVE Steering Team of Sarah Ray, Lisa Madron, Ralph Thomas, Tracey Hormuth, Chris Martino, Steve Griffin, Heidi Daniel, Dan Taber, Ken Murray, Dick Murphy, Dee Kirk Washington, Brett Bowman, Cleil Fitzwater, Phyllis Aggrey, Tom Smith, Kathy Prescott, Cheri Sheehan and Maneesh Gupta worked thousands of hours to revise the Prince William County merit system so that Prince William County employees are rewarded for their efforts.

"The County Executive's Awards are presented annually to selected employees whose exemplary performance sets a standard of excellence for the county government."

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