Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Corey Stewart: The chicken was an illegal. This shows our Rule of Law is working. We save millions of dollars every time a chicken crosses the road.

John Stirrup: The chicken is joining the invasion of our county. This is the kind of behavior representative of all chickens.

Wally Covington: There's obviously something across the road that is worth crossing for. This could translate into millions of dollars in tax revenue. We need to explore the other side as soon as possible and maximize this opportunity as Prince William County, known for wisely using economic resources, has done for decades.

Mike May: I'm a conservative.

Marty Nohe: We need to look more closely at what the chicken needs in order to cross the road.

Frank Principi: Rescind the chicken.

Maureen Caddigan: If you promised that chicken something across the road, you better deliver it.

John Jenkins: The chicken voted for me last year.
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