Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sallie Mae Discriminatory Practices

"The James-Hoyer Law Firm recently filed a Class Action Suit against Sallie Mae alleging its lending practices discriminate against minorities.

If you are African American or Hispanic and have a private student loan with Sallie Mae, we'd like to talk with you. If you are a former Sallie Mae employee please contact us below. We are continuing our investigation as we move forward.

Please contact us using the form below if you believe you have been charged unreasonably high interest rates or fees, have been given unfavorable loan terms, or that Sallie Mae has otherwise acted unfairly towards you on the basis of your race. One focus of our investigation concerns allegations that Sallie Mae's private student loan underwriting process discriminates against minorities attending schools with a high percentage of minority students.

In addition to the case we have already filed, we are also investigating the following issues on behalf of all Sallie Mae student loan borrowers:

--Unfair collection practices
--Failure to timely disclose terms of loans
--No choice in selecting your student loan lender
--High or excessive interest rates
--Unexplained increase in the balance of your student loans
--Improper fees assessed on your student loans

If you have experienced any of these problems with your Sallie Mae student loan, or if you are a former Sallie Mae employee and have information regarding these issues, please contact us using the form below. One of our attorneys or investigators will respond to your e-mail promptly. Our law firm, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, fights fraud on behalf of consumers across the country. Click here:"

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt is not a lawyer, nor does she work for The James-Hoyer Law Firm. The information above was obtained via their website.

See for more information on students who have been hurt in the predatory market of student loans. Tell your story! Get help!
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