Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop Kevin Green's Execution Scheduled May 27

The Honorable Timothy M. Kaine
Governor of Virginia
1111 East Broad St. 3rd Fl.
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Governor Kaine:

Please stop the execution of Kevin Green, a person with severe intellectual disabilities!

With the availability in Virginia of a life-without-parole sentence, executions are never needed to ensure that those convicted of murder do not repeat their offenses. Executions are unjustified and must be halted by any legitimate means available whenever there are ways to protect society that do not require more loss of life.

You have already made your personal opposition to the death penalty well known. You now have an opportunity to put your belief into practice by sparing Kevin Green's life. I urge you to choose life over death with the commutation power entrusted to you for the common good.

Mr. Green has the IQ of a mentally retarded individual, repeated three years of elementary school, and has never even learned to tie his shoes! We must err on the side of life instead of moving forward with an execution when a court could easily have concluded that such a punishment is unconstitutional in this case.

I thank you for considering my perspective as you contemplate this life-or-death matter.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
Further note: In this case, life in prison or a mental hospital might be more appropriate and be a reminder of what happens when we do not intervene early enough (I am thinking of VA Tech again).
Apparently, Mr. Greene has had multiple arrests and charges. If VA knew his intellectual capacity before and didn't do something to prevent further incident after his first arrest, what does that mean about our system? What good will it do to murder again?
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