Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wright is Right

Dear Supervisor Jenkins,

I have always respected you. I covered much of your work on behalf of the citizen of Prince William County when I published the Community Voice Newspaper. I regret not having the newspaper being published at this time because my voice could have been joined by so many others who are very concerned about the path of those who we have elected. It is not without trepidation that I must say it, but I am very disillusioned with the path our elected officials in Prince William County have embarked. I very strongly reiterate the voice of the gentleman, Aracely, whose letter to you has been sent to me.

Supervisor Jenkins the repercussions of the present climate created by the Immigration task force issue in PWC has gone even beyond that voiced in the letter below. My grandaughter, who you have met many times, and who Supervisor Caddigan also knows well, has been one of the many victims of supervisor decisions and county actions. No, she is not born of illegal heritage, she is an American who has been raised here in Prince William County since she was 2 years old. She is a student in one of our county high schools, she has had a Virginia ID card since elementary school, she has her learners permit and is a good student who is also active in church, volunteering but since Chairman Stewart's efforts began against Hispanics she has become a victim - a victim for no reason except her last name - which happens to be Hispanic. The prejudice stems from the county BOS actions and goes beyond the schools - it has spread into every aspect of my grandchild's life - such as the 3 days it took for us to get her drivers permit - despite legal status, PWC Court custody papers signed by Judge Molinari, a Virginia ID, a state of Georgia (USA) birth certificate and my frustration as an American Citizen at the prejudice that has poisoned our entire community.

Supervisor Jenkins my neighborhood has over 400 vacant homes - homes that are vacant for various reasons, but primarily affected by the immigration issue. I have always known you to be a man of conscious and intellect. I have always respected Supervisor Caddigan and former Supervisor Barg who also knows me and my granddaughter well. I only ask that the path taken by the BOS, a path that is worsening the financial situation of all families in our community, not just Hispanics but everyone, in many ways.

Supervisor Jenkins, I ask that you reconsider the decision about where our tax dollars are being spent and choose to spend the thousands of dollars Chairman Stewart chooses to spend to police immigration - which laws have allowed us to do prior to these measures - to be denoted to better spending on needs like the education of our children - schools, our needs of our senior citizens, housing, hunger and the revitalization of the "community" as a whole. How many homes, businesses, jobs and families must be sacrificed for such lunacy?

Linda Wright
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