Friday, April 25, 2008

If Stewart Wants a Revolution......

Among the other cuts proposed so the county can foot the bill for the "Immigration Resolution" that has much less expensive and less harmful alternatives, Stewart is proposing to cut 85 county positions.

Now, even if you love the resolution, I'm assuming you also like to remain employed. I know I do.

So I suggest every county employee show up in front of McCoart on Tuesday the 29th to protest the cuts and the irresponsible spending of our tax dollars.

Go ahead. Take the day off and sign up to speak.

Or if you don't want to waste your gas driving out to McCoart, write to the BOCS and just take a vacation day. It could be YOUR job you are saving either now or in the next few years.

If Stewart wants a revolution over his resolution, that's exactly what he can get.

Use your power as "the people" and stand up for yourselves.

Many of us will be waving the banner for you.
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