Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For The Record (i.e. Dear Greg Letiecq)

I've heard suddenly I'm the owner of Anti-BVBL, the website that is sweeping Prince William County because of its commitment to open, constructive discussion. While I find this attribution flattering, I also find it hilarious. I do participate in numerous online discussions of every type; however, I have neither the technical skills nor the ambition to run such a popular site that requires constant monitoring and yes, some babysitting. I've no time to babysit ranty posters and I thank Admin. for taking on that arduous task. As for me, well, my blog is largely unread except by a few interesting people across the country and the globe who must enjoy poetry and "polemics."

Remember, the name of my website is "Luxurious Choices." This blog is part of "Luxurious Choices."

The "luxury" is I get to be as random as I want to be. Not so with Anti-BVBL.

So if anyone reads this (my message in a bottle) be assured I'm not as technologically smart as you might think I am.

I remain yours,

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
Poet in Bristow (who also rants about government and social ills)
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