Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fight Student Debt that lasts a lifetime

Your activism has helped us make a huge impact on key economic issuesfacing students these days, including rising student loan debt andcostly credit card debt. This fall, the College Cost Reduction and Access Act will go intoeffect, so students will see lower student loan interest rates andrepayment options that enable graduates to take lower paying careerslike teaching. And right now, as a result of your work, many collegeadministrators and student governments are re-examining the marketingrules on campus to rein in aggressive credit card marketing by thebanks.

Despite these reforms, young adults are spending more on debt paymentsthan the previous generation. 25 year-olds spend nearly 25 cents outof each dollar on debt payments on average, which is double what babyboomers of the same age spent on debt payments in 1989.

Please join us at a major national conference on the economicchallenges facing young adults: "A Better Deal: Reclaiming EconomicSecurity for a New Generation." It's sponsored by Demos in partnershipwith the Student PIRGs and 20 youth and civic organizations. On May8-9, hundreds of young activists will meet in Washington, DC to learnabout the economic crisis facing our generation and start building amovement for a better deal. A better deal means new policies to helpyoung people afford to go to college, build careers and start familieswithout crippling debt.

For more information and to register, visit: http://www.abetterd ealconference. org. The conference is free andtravel scholarships are available.

Thanks for your participation, and I hope to see you at the conference!


Sarah Clader Student Debt Alert Campaign

Student PIRGs

http://www.studentd ebtalert. org

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