Monday, April 14, 2008

All's Quiet on the Western Front

Here in Bristow, there's a lull that extends through the entire county.

We are paused in silenced bus runs.

Teachers' Work Day marks a holiday for children and parents, but not for the schools and their workers. So a moment of thanks for our break. Yours--well deserved--is coming soon!

I don't know how many other parents feel this way, but when my kids are on break, so am I. The morning nagging slows down. The "Did you do your homework?" subsides. The "Where is your agenda? Where is your Wednesday Folder? What happened on this test?" and "WOW! Excellent work!" quiet for awhile. Parenting during the school year is not an easy job. I'd even say it's stressful.

Fit in the appointments; write notes to the teachers; attend the conferences, parent/teacher meetings, and for us, IEP meetings. Make sure you remember picture day. Tomorrow is a field trip. Write another check for lunches ("How do you keep running out of money like this? Your sister doesn't."). "Do you have PE today?" "You can't wear that to school!" "Did you change your underwear?" Whew. If I remember to change my OWN underwear after all that, I've done something!

Throw in the laundry, the house cleaning, the jobs, the pets, and any other stress particular to us and you have real thankfulness for a day off.

I'm ready for summer.

I bet the teachers and bus drivers are too.
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