Sunday, March 30, 2008

Support Our Police Chief (Marty Nohe Does)

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Subject: Test I support Chief Deane!

Dear Supervisors,

I support Chief Deane. He is a man of integrity who has served this county well for almost 4 decades. Attempts to politicize his position and undermine his credibility are ill advised and only serve to increase dissention, fear, and crime.

Since the BOCS has decided to inflict the immigration "resolution" on this county, Chief Deane must undertake additional responsibilities by providing community education. The BOCS has put him and this county in a precarious situation and he is doing a fine job of trying to do the best for everyone. The BOCS should voice their appreciation for his efforts.

Katherine Gotthardt
12332 Darton Woods Loop
Bristow, VA 20136
Nohe, Marty E.
o...9:48 AM (5 hours ago)
Nohe, Marty E. to me

Mrs. Gotthardt-

Thank you for these comments and thank you for yuor support of the Chief. I agree that he is doing a fantastic job and I now beleive more than ever that we may have one of the best Chiefs of Police in the country serving us.

Marty Nohe
Martin E Nohe
Coles District Supervisor
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