Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PWC, Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, and Violations

I posted this on another blog, but I think it's pretty concise. I've edited it for a more general audience.

Ethnic cleansing includes the following descriptions:

The systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide. (

Why is PWC’s policy being called ethnic cleansing?

1. It is forcing groups of people to emigrate.

2. It forces more than one ethnic group to emigrate, but these are not “white” groups (using “white” as a general term).

3. It systematically targets people to deport.

Why are people calling the BOCS and HSM racist?

1. Because their issues are cultural (i.e. crowded homes, day labor, language barriers).

2. Because HSM uses hate group rhetoric.

3. Because the BOCS uses policy written by a group related to other hate groups and justifies it through legal means. (So did Hitler, if you remember. So did the segregationists if you recall.)

4. Because some BOCS members such as John Stirrup have used the same language as hate groups.

5. Because Corey Stewart and company used our tax money and MORE of our tax money than we have to support a program that targets minorities and their education. He then gloats that these people are leaving or dropping out when he doesn’t even KNOW what is going on.

6. Because the BOCS targets elderly and the disabled ONLY of certain racial groups by removing necessary health related services that impact the community as a whole.

7. Because the BOCS is made up of the ethnic majority–Caucasians. Minorities have no representation on the BOCS.

8. Because the BOCS has institutionalized racism and has encouraged it by supporting vocal bigots as opposed to thousands of people who came out to protest their actions.

9. Because students who have gone through public schools whose parents aren’t legal immigrants are forced to pay higher tuition basically pricing them out of college or forcing them into lifelong debt.

These are not scare tactics.

These are supporting facts. This is reality, and if others refuse to see it, they are no better than the Nazis.

I doubt anyone APPROVES of illegal immigration or criminal behavior. I know I do not. But immigration is a FEDERAL problem, not one that we can trust a bigoted group of petty local politicians to solve when they haven’t even solved problems closer to ALL of our homes.

The BOCS is WAY out of line, has overstepped its bounds, and has used a discriminatory policy for their political advantage as opposed to helping our communities and FIXING problems at the local level. To boot, they have raised our taxes to forward their personal agendas.

This is racism. This is ethnic cleansing by definition. The BOCS, in particular John Stirrup and Corey Stewart, should be held accountable for their actions and REMOVED from office. They have demonstrated their inability to treat all residents fairly and use our money wisely.

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