Monday, March 31, 2008

Gmail Drives Me Crazy

Okay, let me say there are some really good things about Gmail. I like the way they put your full name in your email address---simple, easy to remember, and clear.

I like that I can forward my website mail to their address and have all the "big penis" ads automatically sent to the SPAM bin without infecting my computer with some kind of virtual social disease.

I like their email format that gives the history of email conversations between me and the receiver right there in the inbox.

What I don't like:

  • it's frequently not working
  • it's frequently not working
  • it makes me send out invitations to others to use it and locks me out if I refuse
  • it's frequently not working

When Gmail doesn't work, it "cycles," endlessly flashing an error message and a supposedly compensatory note that it will trying again in five seconds or ten seconds. still doesn't work.

I suppose I shouldn't complain because for me, Gmail is free. I don't even come close to maxing out my space allowances, so I'm not a drain on their system, which I suppose is what keeps it free--that and Google's advertising and status as Internet mega-god. But since the problems are so frequent, I feel entitled to complain.

Then again, I USUALLY feel entitled to complain anyway. Why let this be an exception?

For many of my complaints, I have at least a theoretical solutions at hand. Sometimes, I even have concrete solutions. I can't say I have these for Google or Gmail because this perplexing technological level is beyond my scope of knowledge. So all I have left is the request that they fix it, which I don't have great faith in their doing so because Google is so.....BIG.

Seems whenever some group gets as massive as Google (or the Federal Government) it becomes less effective. Ears are turned towards their own humungousness, less and less towards the little guy like me (or gal in this instance). Of course, we see this phenomenon in small groups, too, where a would-be-demagogue takes arrogance to another whole level (cite Corey Stewart and John Stirrup). But they are more easily dismantled than, say, corporate lobbyists.

How I jump from Gmail to Congress interests me. Must be the ADHD. Sometimes I think ADHD is a blessing. It helps connect things that people don't see as connected. And if they wouldn't always take this ability as insanity, it can be quite useful.

Google, get a clue and fix Gmail.

And stop asking me to recruit for you as a membership requirement. This isn't a cult. Is it?

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