Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

I don't understand why I get emails about general election topics and voting practices from the Democratic Party but not the Republican or Independent parties.

To me, if you really want people to vote for your candidate, you have to give them the information to do so.

Now I realize there are plenty of voter informational groups and online materials out there. I belong and subscribe to several of these groups. They are incredibly valuable resources. But when the majority of Americans still do not understand the voting process or its worth, isn't it time to make this a priority among all parties?

There are certain things I probably wouldn't post here. One of them would be direct candidate endorsements (unless they are my own of right as the blog owner); I mean "ads" for candidates. I usually write why I would or would not vote for a particular candidate. I'm usually pretty clear about that. It's my prerogative. But unless there is real discussion, campaign materials are useless.

There are certain things I DEFINITELY would not post here. Racial slurs, threats, insults directed at particular groups or individuals, degradation of people based on their religion, sexual identities....bias comments meant to generate hate and dissention rather than discussion do not belong on my blog.

Discussion of issues do belong on my blog. Art belongs on my blog. Poetry belongs on my blog. Creative ideas and solutions belong on my blog. Public service announcements belong on my blog. Why do I not receive any of these from parties other than Democratic, non-partisan, and bi-partisan groups?

I think it looks bad on Republicans and Independents that their image has become one of selectivity and invisibility.

I think it looks bad on people who actually DO hold opposing views that they don't make the effort to discuss ideas with the other party or group. Have we really come to see one another as "the enemy"?

Here's an example. My father would call me a raging liberal. Yet I am for socially and spiritually eradicating abortion. I am for interfaith support of human rights. I support workers and their right to work in safe, fair, environments. I support fair wages.

And yes.....I support the right of white male WASPS to be treated equally under the law, in the workplace, and anywhere else. I do believe there is discrimination among all groups, all ethnicities, all human communities. This must include "whites."

I believe in Veteran's rights. I believe we do not give Veterans the benefits and respect they deserve.

I understand the need for national security. I believe we MUST bolster national security here in the United States and within our own borders.

I believe in mandatory, one-year service. I believe we need to bolster our country's image worldwide.

I believe we need to know who is in our country already, helping the contributing members of our society become formally recognized, and ridding ourselves of crime that has been brought in from other countries. I believe we cannot do this fairly until we fight crime AND process paperwork at the same time. I believe we need police and Federal government help to fix this. Too much weight on either side will only bring more crime, poverty, and social ill.

I do not support bullying or the bully pulpit. Bullying hurts our country, our emotional freedom to express ourselves, and the ability to fully engage in democratic process.

I believe in saluting the Flag, not burning it, singing the Star Spangled Banner, not mocking it, and celebrating the 4th of July.

I believe in studying the full version of our country's history and heritage. I believe in the value of the Suffragists and Abraham Lincoln who strived to make our democracy work even better.

I believe defecating on the flag, throwing away religious articles, breaking into churches, hating atheists, and refusing to forgive are more than just bad....they are dangers to our democracy.

I believe we must help the world, but we must concentrate on our own country first.

I believe in the importance of family.

I believe if we do not heal our own country, we will never be able to help the world.

I believe in fulfilling the basic tenets of all religions: help the poor. Strive for peace. Understand we are all human and might not live up to our own expectations at times.

I believe in personal responsibility, that we are not all the victims we might feel we are, that we have more personal empowerment than we tend to believe. I believe people can be taught to see themselves this way and better contribute to our country.

How do any of these things make me a "raging liberal"?

Where are the silent parties in all of this?

Have they stopped believing in our country?
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