Friday, February 29, 2008

Help Maintain Strong, Healthy Families

Please contact the appropriate person (listed below) and help protect families at risk! could be YOU or someone you love who needs this help next.

The competing budgets have been adopted by the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate. The increase in FAMIS Moms eligibility to 200% FPL is only in the Senate Budget, and it will not take effect until July 2009. This is the best we can hope for this year – and BUDGET CONFEREES NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU ASAP! Please call or email the conferees – and if you can generate more contacts from their constituents please do so! Our message:

“Please increase FAMIS Moms eligibility to 200% of the poverty line. Helping uninsured women get prenatal care is smart! We get $2 dollars for every state dollar spent, AND Virginia saves money on indigent care costs and the costs of treating premature or sick babies.”

Below is the list of conferees and contact info.

Budget Conferees 2008
Senator Charles Colgan 698-7529

Senator William Wampler 698-7540

Senator Walter Stosch 698-7512

Senator Edward Houck 698-7517

Senator Janet Howell 698-7532

Senator Richard Saslaw 698-7535

Delegate Lacey Putney 698-1019

Delegate Phil Hamilton 698-1093
(Newport News)

Delegate Beverly Sherwood 698-1029

Delegate Kirk Cox 698-1066

Delegate Clark N. Hogan 698-1060
(South Boston)

Delegate Johnny Joannou 698-1079

information courtesy of John Horejsi, SALT (Social Action Linking Together) and Jill A. Hanken, Staff Attorney, Virginia Poverty Law Center
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